Nuclear Medicine

 1-Radiation / Personal Protection

Lead Apron

Frontal Aprons

All Frontal Aprons allow for freedom of movement, maximum flexibility, and optimal comfort. The open back design makes all these aprons exceptionally light.

All Frontal Aprons come with standard features:

  • Shoulder pads
  • Pocket
  • Male/females sizes

Wrap Aprons

 Vest/Skirt Aprons
All Vest/Skirt Aprons create maximum weight distribution between the shoulders and hips which eliminates stress on the upper and lower back.

  • .Shoulder pads
  • Pockets on vest and skirt
  • 9″ (23 cm) hanging loops on skirt

Electronic Pocket Dosimeters

The PDM-122 and PDM-222 display accumulated dose and dose rate and have a measurement range from 0.1 mRem to 1000 Rem with a dose rate of 0.1 mRem/h to 100 Rem/h. The PDM-222 also includes a backlight display and an alarm function.With an energy dependence of +/- 30% from 50 keV to 1.5 MeV both models are appropriate for use in Nuclear Medicine/PET departments or in environments where similar ionizing radiation energies are present.

The PDM-127 and PDM-227 display accumulated dose and dose rate and have measurement ranges from 0.1 mRem to 100 Rem with a dose rate of 0.1 mRem/h to 10 Rem/h. The PDM-227 also includes a backlight display and an alarm function. The PDM-127 and PDM-227 have energy dependences within +/- 30% from 30 keV to 200 keV making them ideal for monitoring radiation in procedures involving x-rays.


2-Real Time Dosimetry

RaySafe i2

RaySafe i2 is an active dosimetry system that gives realtime insight about personal radiation exposure, as well as access to time stamped dose data. By providing easily accessible information about radiation exposure, RaySafe i2 allows staff to immediately change their behavior in order to minimize their radiation dose. The main package containins one i2 real time display, four i2 dosimeters, one i2 dose viewer software, a cradle, a storage rack and mounting material. The i2 dose manager software, additional dosimeters and rack are ordered as options.

RaySafe i2 real time display

The RaySafe i2 real time display is a 10.4″ touch screen which is placed in the examination room. It shows real time dose data from all dosimeters in range. The color indication (red, yellow, green) gives the individual user insight about the current received dose and the possibility to act accordingly. The accumulated dose per individual user is displayed next to the color indication bars.


RaySafe i2 real time display features

By tapping the dosimeter name on the touch screen you can access more detailed information about the personal dose history.

  1. A dose dashboard with total dose history and trip meters
  2. Annual personal dose and dose in relation to a configurable yearly limit
  3. Detailed views presenting time stamped dose history

RaySafe i2 dosimeter

An active dosimeter that measures and records radiation every second. Data is transferred wirelessly to the i2 real-time display. It is maintenance-free, easy to wear and can be personalized with different colors and names.


RaySafe i2 dose viewer

The RaySafe i2 dose viewer software is used for administrating dosimeters and viewing personal dose information while connected to the RaySafe i2 cradle.The software allows you to view dose data history, change dosimeter names and reset dose history.

RaySafe i2 dose manager

The RaySafe i2 dose manager is advanced software for analyzing, reporting and archiving dose information. In addition to i2 dose viewer’s features, i2 dose manager handles multiple dosimeters and can retrieve the dose information from multiple real time displays through the hospital network or via USB storage.


Truefit Disposable Mouthpiec


Cushioned Face Mask

Our Air-Cushioned Face Mask molds to the contour of the patient’s face, providing a tight, leak-proof and comfortable seal.


Lead Glass Plate

Lead Glass Plate is the finest flouroscopic quality barring glass available. This glass provides the protection equivalent of 2.00 mm thick lead plate and offers the ultimate in “see through” shielding. The lead glass has a density of 4.36 and is 5/16″ thick. Used in single or multiple sheets, the glass plate acts as an inexpensive shielding in radioisotope laboratories and nuclear facilities. The untinted sheets offer visible light transmission of 87%. Shielding: 2.00 mm L.E. Thickness: 5/16″ nominal.



C-Thru Flood Source

Made of durable, see-through plastic, the C-Thru is the only transparent flood source on the market. The radioactive area is clearly visible, enabling the C-Thru source to be easily positioned on the camera head.

Available in a wide variety of sizes, with and without a case. NRC license required to order.


Featherlite Flood Source

FeatherLite weighs up to 60% less than other rigid flood sources, making it easy to handle and reducing strain on your back.

Available for many popular cameras, a return kit is included with each order to ensure safe return and disposable for your old flood source.


Dose Calibrator Sources – E vials

  • All Dose calibrator vials are calibrated against a traceable National Institute of Standards (NIST) solution. In an identical geometry, using a pressurized ion chamber.
  • Each source is packaged in an individual lead shield that is color coded to the source. Red/Co-57, Green/Cs-137 and Black/Ba-133

All sources are shipped with a Certificate of Calibration, Leak Test Certification, radiation safety and handling instructions and a custom decay calendar


Rad-Qual Cobalt-57 Flood Sources

Benchmark CO-57 Flood Sources from RadQual offer high quality,

convenience and safety in quality control flood sources for medical imaging. For dual-head camera use, Benchmark sources offer guarantees for: no hot or cold spots, 100% of the UFOV is measured to assure uniformity, <0.08% combined C0-56/Co-58 radionuclide impurity and at least 100% of the referenced activity in every source.

Each Rad-Qual Flood Source comes with a RadShield Case. Radshield™ is a lighter weight alternative for transfering your source to the camera with minimal exposure. While weighing only 30 pounds it provides similar radiation dose reduction as the typical hard case by shielding the surface of the source.

Each Flood Source includes, at no charge, a return kit (with instructions) for returning the old source.


Perflexion Flexible Flood Source

  • Flexible Flood Source provides for easy storage.
  • Lightweight – Source weighs less than 20 lbs.
  • Tungsten composite shield offers best protection available.

This flexible source easily rolls up for convenient storage and transport in its tungsten composite storage shield. The Perflexion source uses proprietary cobalt chemistry in the manufacturing process for superior source uniformity, low Co-56 and Co-58 impurities and no measurable Co-60. Made of an ultra-rugged urethane polymer, Perflexion passed extensive testing, including 1 Mrad irradiation and 1500 roll/unroll cycles with no cracking, damage or wear.

The exclusive tungsten composite shield offers the highest level of shielding on the market. This 17 pound case stops >99% of radiation, resulting in a typical 0.7 mR/hr surface measurement from a 10 mCi source. This is 5-10 times lower than a typical lead hard case. Perflexion’s unique carbon fiber backing matrix means you can calibrate dual-head cameras easily. Also, its superior shielding and compact size allows you to store Perflexion in your camera lab.

Each flood source includes, at no charge, a return kit (with instructions) for returning the old source. NRC license required.

Active dimension: 16 X 24″ (W X L)


Rad-Qual Rod Sources

  • RadQual’s calibrated rod sources typically have a calibration accuracy of ± 3% – 5% at a 99% confidence level.
  • Manufactured by gravimetric transference of NIST traceable solutions.
  • Calibration is confirmed using a High Purity Germanium detector.
  • All rod sources are shipped with a custom decay calendar.
  • Designed to mimic a tube source so there is no need to buy duplicate products.
  • Activity end is color coded to provide easier identification.