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RaySafe Xi

Meet the faimly!

The RaySafe Xi is a complete system for multiparameter measurements on all X-ray modalities. It simultaneously measures everything from kVp and dose to HVL and waveforms. It is preferred by leading experts from all over the world. Invest just a few seconds of your life in RaySafe Xi, and it may completely change it. At least in the way you measure on X-ray equipment. – a wide range of detectors for different applications


RaySafe ThinX

RaySafe ThinX models:

RaySafe ThinX RAD
Dose, rate, kVp, HVL, time, pulses

RaySafe ThinX RAD kVp
kVp, time, pulses

RaySafe ThinX RAD Dose
Dose, rate, HVL, time, pulses

RaySafe ThinX RAD Intra
Dose, rate, kVp, HVL, time, pulses

RaySafe DXR+

1. Position the RaySafe DXR+
Position the “X-ray”-symbol within the light field.
Align the red center line with the light field edge.

2. Expose and read out
Expose and read any X-ray/light field deviation
in the RaySafe DXR+ display.

RaySafe X2

Less effort. More insight.

Life is busier. There are more demands on your time. So you need to remove the unnecessary steps in taking a measurement. Like positioning the sensor, choosing a setting, or interpreting the results.  Fortunately, the X2 R/F sensor is orientation independent so the only thing you need to do is to place it in the X-ray beam and turn on the instrument. The rest is automatic – no menus, no selections.
The large, intuitive touch screen of the RaySafe X2 provides more insight with an easy-to-read display of parameters and waveforms. More in-depth information is only a swipe away

RaySafe S1

RaySafe S1 is a web-based application that will collect, add value and share radiology information to different individuals in the diagnostic radiology process including referring physicians, radiologists, operators, medical physicists, Radiation Safety Officers (RSO) and medical engineers. Furthermore, RaySafe S1 will give managers additional insight about the utilization of the radiology department, and support their efforts to increase its productivity